Is Climate Change A Hoax?

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Part One

For the better part of the so-many years living on earth, I’ve learnt that not everyone thinks the way I do and I made peace with it. People believe in so many things and that explains why we have different religions and cultures, and that’s the beauty of life. For instance, some believe that Climate Change is real, while others don’t. In this article, we will prove, with examples why I believe Climate Change is real.

Today, I won’t define what Climate Change is because we had done that in our previous articles. See

We’ll relate some of the World’s major occurrences that are triggered or influenced by climate Change

Is Climate Change a hoax? We shall find out in a few minutes

Our first example is the relationship between Climate Change and Wildfires

Climate Change and Bushfires

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Around 2019-2020, Australia faced one of the biggest bushfires ever since 1950s. It is estimated that the bushfires burned down around 30000 km2. It was alleged that the immediate cause of the fires was ignition (Lightning and/or human-induced).

Other reasons were but not limited to Drought and Temperature, Climate Change among others. Out of the above reasons, I will pick Climate Change and explain how it might have caused the bushfires. Be my guest.

How Climate Change influence bushfires

To begin with, we understand that the climate system is fully dependent on feedback loops. A positive loop in the climate system implies an increase in one of the climatic factors, for example, an increase in temperature is a positive loop, while a decrease in the same is a negative feedback loop.

Carbon compound is essential but too much of it in the ecosystem can be fatal. Increasing carbon in the earth’s atmosphere creates a positive feedback loop due to increased temperatures.

Carbon leads to atmosphere saturation and the creation of the greenhouse effect, where the heat energy emitted by the sun is trapped and blocked from escaping into space, which in turn heats up the earth’s surface. What follows is an increase in temperatures which will influence wildfire conditions.

Wildlife conditions include;

  • Low relative humidity
  • Atmospheric Instability
  • Changing wind patterns
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Lightning Storms
  • Careless fire handling by humans

Due to the heat caused by higher temperatures, the above conditions will be influenced to create a ‘Tinderbox Effect’ which will escalate to forest fires easily burning a larger area.

Coupled with weather conditions like wind and other dead plants, the fire will cover a larger area, thus burning more plants which in turn, produces more carbon, and more carbon creates a greenhouse effect, greenhouse effect leads to a positive feedback loop and that’s how the wildfire cycle continues.

As I conclude, I still ask you, my reader; Is Climate Change a hoax?

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