About Us

Welcome to Ecofriend Magazine, an e-magazine that focuses on climate change, biodiversity restoration and environmental conservation. We give our ecosystem the voice to speak, albeit in writings. We are governed by the Environmental International policies and frameworks e.g EMCA (1999) and Paris Agreement (2015).


Donald Lawrence Ogango

Donald is a pragmatic, passionate, and dedicated Environmental Scientist and Climate Change Expert who focuses on Climate Change Education through blogs, Environmental planning, management, implementation, monitoring, and green energy.
His approach to the environment is holistic; hence he incorporates all environmental factors to find solutions.
Mr. Ogango holds a Bachelor‘s Degree in Environmental Science.

Brian Khavalaji

Brian Khavalaji is a Brand and Social Impact storyteller. He is also the founder of Fresh 360, a multimedia production company that deals with content writing, photography, videography and graphic design.

Ian Elroy Ogonji

Mr. Ogonji is a full-stack web developer with a vast array of knowledge in many different front end and back end languages, responsive frameworks, databases and best code practices. He develops Websites, Web applications and responsive panels for businesses, individuals and institutions. Mr. Ogonji is also a science journalist with published work in Nation Media, The Star Newspaper, Business Insider South Africa mong other publications.

Peris Wanjiru

Peris Wanjiru, a Cyber Security specialist and Cambridge curriculum tutor, is a trailblazer in both the tech and education sectors. Armed with a Computer Science degree, she pioneers cyber security solutions and drives entrepreneurship initiatives. Beyond her professional pursuits, Peris is an influential delegate at international events and serves as the Secretary of the Africa Youth Leadership Forum, amplifying her impact on the world stage.

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